Activities / Teambuilding

On-site activities

Activities by “People First”

You are interested in strengthening your team spirit and participating in on-site activities, our partners will be pleased to advise you accordingly.

Based on collective challenges, the employees of your group (team, department, establishment, company, etc.) will get to know each other better, they will learn how to trust each other and coordinate with each other in a given situation outside the context of your company.
They will engage personally and apply themselves for the benefit of the group.

Cense d'Abaumont - 60 seconds to win

60 seconds to win

The clock is ticking and we are ready for a minute of suspense, speed and laughter. Any means can be used to complete the requested task in just 60 seconds! Tous les moyens sont bons pour parvenir au bout de la tâche demandée en seulement 60 secondes

Cense d'Abaumont - Jengame


Constructing a building is no small task! You need good designers, good materials and good workers. Putting together and running a good team is no easier.

Cense d'Abaumont - Survey at the castle

Investigation at the castle

Mr. X. is found in his car in a comatose condition. You will need to solve this mysterious case and collect as many clues as possible.

Cense d'Abaumont - Teambooster

Team booster

During this team experience, multiple challenges await the teams who will bring forward their ability to work together.

Cense d'Abaumont - Pathfinder


The teams will have to make quick decisions to find their way back to the checkpoints with only a map and a compass.

Cense d'Abaumont - The antidote

The Antidote

To manage and succeed in this unique Escape Game, you will need to complete 10 challenges, each one crazier than the other, and open the padlocked black treasure chest that contains the antidote…!

Activities in the region

You need a break and want to explore the countryside with your family, friends or colleagues, then here some information and a list of local events. We will help you satisfy all your specific requirements, so that you can enjoy a truly unique experience in the Hainaut region. Nous vous aiderons à exaucer tous vos souhaits pour vous faire vivre un évènement hors du commun en Hainaut.

The estate is located in the Tournai region. Tournai is one of the three oldest cities in Belgium, 40 km from Lille, and has the charm of these small historical Flemish and Picardy river towns, perfectly suited for corporate events with a focus on authenticity and relaxation. The city centre has a number of fine bistronomic stops and a remarkable old heritage, among which the oldest belfry in Belgium and an exceptional Romanesque cathedral (12th century).

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